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Information for orthodontists aboutIncognito braces

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Orthodontist information

With Incognito braces you can offer your patients a system which will fully realise your treatment objectives. The brackets are individually produced for each patient using CAD/CAM technology and offer extremely high patient comfort due to their very low profile design. The treatment objective is established prior to treatment commencing and may be closely checked in the setup.

At 3M Unitek we are committed to helping you to grow your orthodontic practice. Below are the details of all the support that we can provide to help increase your patient uptake of Incognito cases.

Support offered includes:


Incognito™ Certification Course

This two day Incognito certification course for orthodontists will give you an introduction to the Incognito lingual bracket system. You will gain both the knowledge and the required certification to offer the Incognito appliance system as a treatment. You will be fully familiarised with the various tools, instruments and materials that are required to use the system. The focus of the course is on practical hands on typodont exercises, showing clearly how many different types of lingual cases may be treated. Orthodontic Therapists may also register for the certification course providing their orthodontist is attending the course or is already certified.

For further information or to book online visit

Incognito Refresher Course

This one day course is aimed at Orthodontists who have just started to use the Incognito appliance system and would like a refresher following the initial certification training course.    

The day will cover the following key topics:

• Hints and Tips
• Torque Control
• Finishing
• Rebonding
• Placement of Wires
• Mechanics

For further information or to book online visit

Growing Your Practice with Incognito Lite

The Growing Your Practice with Incognito™ Lite Appliance System course is designed for all Incognito certified orthodontists, irrelevant of previous experience! This one day course will revisit all of the required protocols for ordering, submitting, bonding and treating patients with the Incognito appliance, focussing specifically on the advantages of the system.

This highly efficient treatment option has the ability to treat mild to moderate anterior cases both efficiently and accurately, but more importantly for the patient, being less conspicuous than other options. Dr Brandon Comella will share with us how this appliance has the ability to deliver all of the patient’s treatment objectives, without compromise, and how this appliance has helped his practice grow by as much as 40% in 2012.

For further information or to book online visit

Incognito Next Level Users Course

The Incognito™ Appliance System Next Level course is designed to build upon the knowledge and skills gained through attending the certification course and enhance the participants understanding of the Incognito appliance system. The Next Level course is open to all certified Incognito users and will be an ideal platform for anyone wishing to get more from the Incognito appliance system and increase the clinical application of the appliance in their own practice.

Through sharing some of the latest developments with the appliance and associated protocols, case presentations and a look at some of the ‘advanced mechanics’ the Next Level programme will fully
update participants and give a great insight into how the Incognito appliance system could become a better growth tool for your business.

For further information or to book online visit

Incognito Selling Skills

This one day course has been designed to help private treatment co-ordinators sell the Incognito Appliance System. Following a clinical update and some handy hints and tips, the speakers will present some patient cases and detail the patient journey. They will guide you through understanding patient buying decisions and how best to position private treatment options to ensure maximum conversion, share some useful marketing ideas, how to maximise your sales potential and present comprehensive advice that will help you towards being more professional, productive and profitable.

For further information or to book online visit

Incognito Users Meeting

This is a one day annual User Meeting for Orthodontists who have been certified to use Incognito™ Brackets. The latest developments in Incognito brackets will be introduced and there will be an opportunity to exchange ideas with your colleagues.

For further information visit

Incognito In-Office Mentor Programme

In line with 3M Unitek’s commitment to provide continuous education, we have developed an in-office mentoring programme for our Incognito™ Bracket customers. According to feedback we have received, you have highlighted the need for additional support to assist and guide you through your first few cases. The aim of this programme is to support and develop your skills.
You can choose from two locations, Teddington with Paul Ward or Edinburgh with Robbie Lawson.
A range of dates are offered so we hope you will find one to suit.

The programme will include:
• Discussion of mentor’s and delegates’ cases.
(Delegates should bring anonymous patient records and study models for open discussion)
• Clinical observation session
• Step by step user guide including:
• Case selection
• Treatment planning of your cases
• Completing lab forms
• Impression taking
• Bondup procedure and wire placement
• What happens at each visit
• Hints and tips with questions and answers

For course dates and to book online visit

E-Learning Tool

Following the Incognito™ Certification Course you will be given a unique log-in and password to allow full access to the e-learning platform at On this site you will find detailed information on lingual techniques and the Incognito™ System. There are also extracts from the Certification Course presentations so that you can re-familiarise yourself with the key concepts from the course at your own pace.



Media Pack

The new Incognito™ Braces Media Pack contains various photos, advertisement templates, logos and data that can be downloaded and used on your practice websites and marketing materials.

Should you wish to use photos and/or images owned by TOP-Service für Lingualtechnik GmbH, it is with the express understanding that such material must be noted as being copyright protected.

Before using any of our materials we require you to submit a completed PDF file showing how the data will be displayed. This also applies when you wish to use the Incognito logo on any of your websites, under these circumstances we must be notified of the link.

Practice Marketing Materials

A wide selection of leaflets and posters are available free of charge for use in your practice.

Contact your local 3M Unitek representative to find out more about the marketing materials we can offer.

Patient Open Evenings

Practice Open Evening for member within your local community can help educate and locate new potential patients suitable for the Incognito Appliance System.

Contact your local 3M Unitek Representative to find out how we can help.


Patient Website is a website aimed at potential Incognito™ Braces patients. It allows patients to research the system and gain some useful information about the treatment.

They can also watch videos of other Incognito Braces patients’ journeys, read testimonials and see before and after pictures. It also allows them to look up an orthodontist in their area using the ‘Find an Orthodontist’ button.

Find an Orthodontist Locator

We offer potential patients, who are seeking treatment with the Incognito™ Lingual System, an online Orthodontist Locator on our homepage

This provides a comprehensive listing, with names and addresses of all Incognito certified orthodontists in their local area. Following attendance on the Incognito™ Certification Course and commencement of your first case, your practice contact details will be entered onto the Orthodontist Locator following your completion of the ‘Find an Orthodontist’ registration form.

Incognito Braces Social Media Campaign

Incognito™ Braces now has a dedicated Facebook page. The page is regularly updated with promotions, events and news and we are constantly recruiting new friends to help create awareness and push more patients to contact their local orthodontist about Incognito™ Braces.

Incognito™ Braces also has a You Tube page with a patient testimonial video and link to our patient website. The aim of this video is to create awareness and educate people about Incognito™ Braces along with increasing the search position of the patient website on Google.